Garden Furniture

Dressing one’s garden is a thing that people love to do. The way we dress our garden will always depend on the style of the garden, the ambient weather, whether we seek shade or sun and of course our budget.

The simplest and easiest and most basic of Garden furniture is a set of folding chairs and a table. These can obviously be brought out when the weather is nice and packed away as soon as inclement weather approaches. There are any numbers of designs for these and possible a garden shed is the ideal place to store them.

The beginning of dressing one’s garden is the basic design and layout. How one plans a garden is of course dependent on a lot of factors such as size, slope, position of the house, the driveway and so on.

Most houses will want the driveway to link close to the house. And border the driveway with flowerbeds or a grass lawn. Setting up one’s recreational are next to a driveway is unusual. Normally the recreational, or sitting out area is away from the cars.

Central to the recreational area is probably a grass lawn. So the step up from folding chairs and a table would be more permanent furnishings either made in cast iron or of wooden construction. The cast iron garden furniture is very durable, heavy and is usually located in one place and seldom moved.

With modern day wooden garden furniture being well treated it to is fairly weather proof and durable and will withstand a fair amount of rain but too much exposure to direct sunlight will mean that is will require periodic treatment.

A garden Gazebo is popular as garden furniture as it gives the feeling of being outside while still being given shade. These gazebos are highly fashionable and usually consist of a raised wooden deck and open walls and a roof. Permanent tables and chairs are placed inside the gazebo which makes them a delightful place to sit and relax.

A wooden shed is another almost essential item of garden furniture as there will be many items, such as the lawn mower, the garden hose and the gardening tools to store away. Not too mention the folding chairs and table that are kept in reserve.

Water features are another idyllic feature and these can be purchased as pre-made or one can design them oneself and just purchase the pumps and pipes. The gentle trickle of running water adds a great sense of peace to anyone relaxing nearby.

Shade is of course required, especially if one has a sitting out area next to a swimming pool. Modern day shade parasols have developed so that they are durable and can be made so that they are suspended from the side and thus have no central post to get in the way.

Some other bits of furniture which are available are accessories like the sauna, a pool deck and a covered veranda.

The only limitation of placing garden furniture is imagination and budget. Even with small gardens furniture can be arranged to make it be a pleasant place to enjoy the open air.

Teak Garden Furniture

Superbly crafted teak garden furniture adds beauty and elegance to any garden. It is also a symbol of luxury and affluence. Garden furniture may be permanent or temporary. Temporary garden furniture is mainly used for relaxation. It is kept outside and can be moved to the garage when the weather gets colder. Temporary garden furniture is generally made from lightweight materials to make it easy to move. Permanent garden furniture is rarely moved. It is selected for its looks first, then its comfort.

Since teak is the most durable of all hardwoods, most customers prefer garden furniture made from teak wood. Even though it is expensive, the demand for teak garden furniture is growing year by year. Increase in demand has resulted in new and novel designs in teak garden furniture.

Teak garden furniture includes teak tables, teak chairs, folding chairs and armchairs, teak stacking chairs, teak recliner chairs, sun loungers, teak steamers, teak benches, garden hammocks, garden benches, memorial benches, and park benches.

Tastefully chosen teak garden furniture can transform a commonplace garden into a unique one. While purchasing garden furniture, there are several factors to be considered. It should be long lasting and must have a timeless style. Its style should complement the design and atmosphere of the garden. Comfort can be a criterion in the selection. The selected garden furniture should suit one’s budget, requirement, and taste. In today’s market, a wide range of top quality and durable teak garden furniture is available.

Anderson Teak, Teak Etcetera, Classic Teak, Country Casual, Charles Keath Catalog Co, and Thos. Baker LLC. are some of the manufacturers specializing in teak garden furniture. To match garden furniture, most of the manufacturers supply a full range of garden parasols and cushions.

Choosing Your Garden Furniture for the Summer

Summer’s almost here and it’s time to get out and enjoy that long awaited summer season, that we’ve all been waiting for. Just imagine yourself outdoors, enjoying those beautiful summer days with family and friends. That wonderful summer breeze and all those care free nights that will be spent in your own backyard/garden.

There’s nothing like having your own space to relax that you can call your own. The most relaxing place to sit under the sun or shade, would be in your own backyard/garden, where you can meditate or just simply relax.

To accomplish part of that would be to have the most comfortable and some of the best garden furniture around. That’s why it is very important to choose the garden furniture that best suits you.

One of the key aspects of choosing the right garden furniture is to make sure it is visually attractive, comfortable and inviting. Furniture that will keep your guests coming back for more! There are many different kinds of garden furniture, but choosing the right kind is very important. You need strong but sturdy, comfortable furniture, so that it will last longer in all weathers. Some very good garden furniture is made by some of the best top designers on the market, such as Actiwin, jensen leisure, Rattan, or treasure garden patio umbrellas, known for their quality and longevity.

All these brands are made strong, comfortable and appealing to the eyes. Furniture should be able to withstand the test of time, that’s why it is very important to choose wisely:

Actiwin furniture is a great idea for people who love colors and elegant designs.

Jensen Leisure is known for it’s longevity, the quality of the furniture and can be handed down from generation to generation – now that says a lot about the quality of the furniture itself.

Treasure garden umbrellas are useful for shade, they give a finishing touch to the whole garden/patio feel.

Last but not least Rattan furniture. This wicker style furniture adds elegance to any outdoor scene, with it’s comfortable elegant cushions and various styles to choose from, it’s unbelievable how much can be made out of wicker nowadays. Rattan garden furniture has a selection of all weather daybeds, chairs, all weather patio dining sets, and even various selections and styles of all weather wicker patio sets.

It is absolutely amazing how many different styles are on the market right now. So come and kick your summer off on the right foot, purchase the garden furniture of your dreams.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Garden Furniture

There is some special charm in garden furniture. Garden furniture conjures up thoughts of a sunny day in a garden, having tea under an apple tree, resting in a rocking chair on a veranda and listening to grasshoppers’ chirping. A choice of furniture depends on a garden. If there are centuries-year old trees with mighty crowns furniture should be massive, solid. Furniture should be elegant if placed among flower beds. A lush green lawn needs tables and chairs contrasting with emerald grass. A choice of furniture comes from the fact that furniture should not violate natural character of nature itself and certainly should match an overall garden style. Your lifestyle is also important: if you need furniture for privacy, choose only small cozy tables and chairs, and if you enjoy organizing home parties, you will need more solid furniture.

Wooden tables and chairs look very naturally. Manufacturers are increasingly offering different models: from trendy to traditional, classic, made in different colors. There is a massive chair with wide armrests and comfortable high back. Examples are numerous. Manufacturers of high-class furniture use special methods of wood treatment with water-resistant protective compounds which make it more durable and resistant to weather conditions. This furniture will be resistant to the caprices of the weather for at least 10 years.

Plastic furniture is modern and is not sensitive to dampness. There exists a great diversity of furniture colors. In the gardens of classical style this furniture will not look unsophisticated. We can say that this is the most economical way to solve the problem of relaxation and comfort in the garden. Low price is not an advantage. Cheap plastic cannot stand the cold. In an intensive sunlight it can fade or soften to such a degree that the legs would go apart. In several years cheap plastic products get oxidized, and the edges get covered with brown patina, giving the product completely not presentable look. It is better to give preference to more expensive reinforced plastic which uses steel or aluminum for the frame. This provides the durability to the product.

Furniture made of lasting metal is unpretentious, hardy, and ideal for staying outside and easily stands rain and snow for many years. It is the case of decorative wrought-iron furniture. Iron furniture adds to garden’s prestige and beauty. Therefore, metal benches are often used as decorative elements of a garden’s design. There is only one drawback in metal furniture: it is not very comfortable to sit on, let alone lie down. That is why it is often combined with other materials – wood, plaiting materials.

Tables, chairs and other furniture include not only traditional types. There are deck chairs, couches, tents, children furniture, tables for work in a greenhouse, beach chairs, swings, rocking chairs, sofas, shelves, racks, sofa-chest, picnic tables on wheels, two-wheeled garden sofa, and swings with canopy-like roofs. Here is present the whole range of styles – from massive and severe to style of techno. Their diversity gives us the opportunity to spend our leisure placidly and easily, having fun and relaxing from the heart.

Good furniture allows you to indulge in comfort of country life. Skill to pick up and place furniture is crucially important, because it is a great art. If you want to avoid cliches, it is better to make use of professionals’ services. A landscape designer can help you solve all problems concerning functional and aesthetic aspect of the garden, taking into account your preferences and picking up furniture in same style.